Baoan Daily - 10 key promotion projects become "hot spots"

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10 key promotion projects become "hot spots"

(Reporter Zhou Demeng correspondent Yi Guofeng) Yesterday afternoon, the Big Wave Office Investment Environment Promotion Conference was held in Dalang Jiaanda Building, attracting nearly 100 companies to participate. At the meeting, 10 projects including Dalang Fashion Creative City, Shikong Second Industrial Zone and Vanke Fuwei New Baocheng Project were highlighted, which attracted the attention of participating companies. Hu Xiaoqing, member of the Party Working Committee of the New District and deputy director of the Management Committee, attended the event.
At the promotion meeting, the relevant person in charge of the Big Wave Office introduced the investment environment and regional characteristics of Dalang in detail and introduced some important projects. Old and urban renewal projects accounted for more than half, including Vanke Fuwei New Baocheng Project, Shangxia Henglang Old Reform Project, Huashangli-Longsheng Old Village Urban Renewal Project, Jiantai Old Industrial Zone Reconstruction Project, Langkou Old Change project, urban renewal project of Shuiwei Old Village. The urban renewal project of Shuiwei Old Village, covering an area of 34,000 square meters, is located in the Shuiwei Community next to Dalang South Road. The project has passed the planning approval and is an urban renewal project that will start construction in the near future.
The venue of the promotion conference, Jia'anda Building, also serves as a landmark for Dalang's jurisdiction and has become a hot spot for everyone. Shangao Coffee, Yuwei Electronics Co., Ltd. and Runbaotian Technology Co., Ltd. reached an initial cooperation intention with Jia'anda Investment Group Co., Ltd., and 37 companies also showed positive willingness to cooperate.
Hu Xiaoqing said that the Big Wave Investment Environment Promotion Conference fully demonstrated the good ecological and humanistic environment of the big waves, attracted the attention of the big waves, expanded the influence of the big wave investment environment, and provided a powerful boost for the industrial transformation and upgrading of the big wave. Longhua New District Party Working Committee and Management Committee will do their utmost to provide supporting services for enterprises developing in Longhua New District, and help enterprises become bigger and stronger. In the next step, the new district will also launch comprehensive and higher-standard means and measures for attracting investment, and the service enterprises will settle in Longhua and develop rapidly.

Big Wave is committed to building a place of choice for investment

This reporter (Reporter Zhou Demeng correspondent Yi Guofeng) reporter learned from the Big Wave Office Investment Environment Promotion Conference held yesterday that in the next 1-3 years, Dalang will build a fast transportation network, strategic emerging industries to gather highlands, and more The fascinating fashion city and the beautiful and liveable livable community are committed to making Dalang the first choice for merchants to invest and develop.
Building a fast and smooth traffic network is an important starting point for Dalang to enhance its location advantage. At present, there are more than 10 important roads under planning and construction in the Dalang area. Among them, the Dalang section of Dalanglang South Road is expected to be open to traffic at the end of the year. The Dezheng Road connecting Dalang Fashion Creative City and Longda Expressway will be open to traffic at the end of this month. The Longfeng 3 Road connecting Shenzhen North Railway Station and New District Avenue is expected to open to traffic in September next year, connecting the big waves with The Longhai Express (Dalang Section) in Qianhai District is expected to open in 2016. In addition, the subway line 6 passing through Dalang is undergoing preliminary surveys. It is expected to start construction next year and open to traffic in 2018. The trams connecting Dalang Fashion Creative City and Longhua Qinghu have been included in the second phase of the new rail transit planning.
Strategic emerging industries are an important pillar of the future business of Big Wave. In accordance with the strategic thinking of “two axes and many parks”, Dalang will promote the transformation and upgrading of the old industrial areas along the sides of Fulong Road and Longhai Road, release the land space, and focus on the development of electronic information, e-commerce, Internet and fashion creative industries. Along the Blong Road, we will focus on building professional markets and commercial circulation carriers to develop high-end logistics and production services. The north-side Shifu Xinwei area relies on the fashion and creative city to develop the fashion and creative industries; the south actively undertakes the industrial migration and radiation of Futian and Nanshan, and develops high-tech industries such as electronic information and e-commerce; the central layout is Jianye, Yingtailong, Jia'anda, Hualian and other industrial parks develop modern equipment, electronic components and traditional advantageous industries.
In addition, in order to create a more attractive fashion city, Dalang Office is accelerating the supporting facilities of Dalang Fashion Creative City, improving the traffic environment of the fashion and creative city; promoting the upgrading and upgrading of the second industrial zone in Shikong, introducing catering and cinema, Bars, hotels and other supporting fashion and creative design and film production enterprises; accelerate the construction of public service platforms, and strive to be completed by the end of next year. On the basis of the fashion industry gathering, Dalang Office will also promote the fashion environment, introduce fashion culture, and promote the district into an international fashion city with fashionable elements and fashionable lifestyle.