Xie Wei: After the scale of housing enterprises, they will focus on building corporate brands.

Date:2011-09-01Author: Hits:5336
The “2011 China Real Estate Brand Value Summit” jointly organized by Sohu and the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Real Estate Chamber of Commerce will be held in Nanjing on August 10. The theme of this year's summit will be to explore the road to transformation of real estate, highlighting professionalism, forward-looking and strategic, bringing together industry elites, integrating branded housing companies, and exploring the real estate market in China's economic and social transformation period. Set and change, and strive to build a communication platform for the industry's most high-end brands.

      Xie Wei, general manager of Shenzhen Jiaanda Real Estate Co., Ltd. said that most of the domestic real estate enterprises are still in the initial stage of real estate development, and the external emphasis is on the project brand. However, with the survival of the fittest mechanism in the industry, after the scale of many housing enterprises in the future expands, We will focus on building a housing brand with core team, product and customer loyalty as its core.

Domestic real estate is still in the stage of project brand

  Xie Wei believes that each industry has its own brand, and real estate is no exception. The difference is that the current domestic housing enterprises mainly create regional influence, and they are slightly inferior in the construction of corporate brands.
“There are objective reasons for the real estate development stage.” Xie Wei said that the current domestic real estate development is still at a relatively early stage, and many real estate enterprises are still in the stage of project brand construction, but with the continuous development of the real estate industry. The scale of housing enterprises has also been growing, and after a process of survival of the fittest, housing enterprises will focus on building corporate brands.

Team, product, customer loyalty is the core of the housing brand

  Xie Wei said that for real estate, the brand is the core competitiveness, including team, product, customer loyalty and so on.
He said that like other products, customers feel value for money and satisfy their feelings after purchasing and using the products of the real estate enterprises. Naturally, they will form a follow-up effect and pass on word of mouth, eventually creating the core competitiveness of the real estate brand.